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Education Professions


This program is for students interested in pursuing a career in education.

All courses in this program benefit from a partnership with Indiana University Southeast. That partnership allows for experienced guest speakers and educational field trips throughout their time in the program. Students also get hands on experience in various grade levels throughout the Silver Creek School Corporation. Students in all classes also compete in a bulletin board  (or door) creation contest that lets them showcase their creativity and ability to impact the classroom/school culture in a positive way.  

Principles of Education

This is the first course designed to introduce students to careers in education. Students learn about various careers within the education cluster, have hands on time in a variety of PK-8th grade classes, and learn the pathway to becoming a teacher. 



Educational Professions I

This is the second course within our education program and students earn dual credit through Ivy Tech. This course allows students to begin student teaching in a K-8 classroom and start building their professional teaching portfolio. 

Educational Professions II

This is the third course within our education program, also earning students dual credit through Ivy Tech. This course allows students to continue student teaching and plan for their college/career goals.

Take a look at some of our top student creations for 2022 and see some of our education students in action.