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Silver Creek Career Academy Program

SCCAP Mission Statement:


Criteria to Join:
  1. Students must be enrolled in a 2nd course in the same pathway.

  2. Students must be at least a Sophomore

  3. Students must complete SCCAP application with SCCAP director & update annually

  4. Students must maintain an overall 2.0 gpa

  5. Students must be an active member by attending workshops and participating in activities

  6. Students must acquire service hours

Activities and Benefits in being a part of the  Silver Creek Career Academy Program (SCCAP)

  • Job Shadowing

  • Mock Interviews

  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • Networking

  • Interactions

  • Hands-on Projects

  • Guest Speakers

  • Field Trips

  • Potential Internships

  • Developing a Strong Work Ethic

  • Academy specific and interdisciplinary projects

  • Collaborations

Quotes for Alumni 


“After job shadowing at WLKY through the Career Academy Program, I knew I wanted to work in the media industry. With the scholarship provided through SCCAP, I was able to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts from Kentucky Wesleyan College.” 

-Bailey Wilson Tuttle, Communications Academy, Digital Operations and “Training Manager, BCI Media



“Being in SCCAP helped me to get a job by preparing me for interviews, coaching me on how to write a resume and be confident in my abilities to network effectively. I now work for AdTran and have been able to get more opportunities because of my professionalism and work ethic, both things that CAP helped me to define.” 

-Ben Compton, PLTW Engineering graduate & entrepreneur 



“I cannot imagine being where I am today had it not been for the SCHS Theater program. While the lessons I learned onstage provided crucial experience and ignited my passion for performing, I had no idea at the time that the most valuable lessons would be the ones I learned behind the scenes. I’ll always be grateful for my experiences at SCHS for providing such a valuable foundation.”

-Robert Shaw, Performing Arts Academy



“The SCCAP Education Professions Academy was an eye opening experience that helped me realize all that truly goes into teaching. It also helped me recognize my true love for working with children.” 

-Sierra Davis Kirchgessner, Silver Creek Kindergarten teacher



The Silver Creek Career Academy was a great program that gave me a peek into my future as an engineer. I was able to spend a day with multiple engineers and see how their majors and careers differed. The coursework that I learned at Silver Creek High School also prepared me for college, as many of the topics that we’ve covered  within my first two years here were first introduced to me while at Silver Creek. 

-Macie Garrison, PLTW Engineering graduate



“My job shadow through Career Academy confirmed for me that Bioengineering was what I wanted to do. Also, it put me in contact with my future supervisor, who I completed my co-op with in college. Networking matters!”

-Hannah Meriwether, PLTW BioMedical